You'll All Pay
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Well, here it is..."You'll All Pay" my series of rants, raves, musings and mumblings on whatever popped into my head that day. Originally written for Sophism, the online mag, I have decided to post it here as well just for...I don't know. Just 'cause.

I hope you enjoy.

You'll All Pay #1
"Up the Stream of Consciousness Without a Paddle"

You'll All Pay #2
"'Angel' doesn't have a lock on Eeeeevil Corporations. Not by a long shot."

You'll All Pay #3
"My liver is looking at me. With the piercing gaze of a psychopath. It hates me."

You'll All Pay #4
"Hey, remember Civil Liberties? Those were a hoot."

You'll All Pay #5
The First Amendment is a Grand Thing...*sigh*...I guess...

You'll All Pay #6
"The Day America Changed" - 9/11 One Year Later

You'll All Pay #7
Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Criticize

You'll All Pay #8
The State of George W. Bush's...and Only George W. Bush's...Union

You'll All Pay #9
GOPs and Robbers

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