These are some of my noodlings. Not all, by any stretch, just some I decided to post. Alot of them are "fic", which I used for a time to knock the rust off the ol' writing joints. Soon, I promise, I will be posting more original stuff. Probably the stuff that gets rejected.

Original Works

Opening Presentation to the Greater Union, Inc. Shareholders Conference
A Different Divinity

World of Heroes

World of Heroes: Prologue

--How to Retire from Crime

Random Madness and Mutterings

The Buffy Afternoon Special
(A recap of the BtVS Episode "Wrecked")

Scenes From Around Sunnydale
Scenes I want to see from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

Non Site Related Fan Fiction

Kingdom Come based Fanfic

The Bat
The Thunder
Distant Thunder

Miscellaneous Comics Fic

The Deal
The Captain's Fear
Life In Shadow
Letting Go
Wonder Man: Nobody Walks in L.A.
Weak Spots

A Buffy Fic

Dealing (with) a Little Death