Alright, so here's some ramblings on whatever I feel like talking about at any given moment. Maybe nobody will be interested, maybe someone will. Whatever. Life goes on.

So here we go...

July 3, 1999: Fear and Loathing in North Hollywood (Okay, not so original. So what?)

July 5, 1999: What the fuck was that? (And some personal thoughts...)

July 6, 1999: Some thoughts on "Mystery Men" and Comics in general.

July 7, 1999: The Mists of Time part and!

July 9, 1999: The Consequences of Solitude (or: "Is it just me, or are they looking at me funny?")

July 12, 1999: "Lemme tell ya what I think...."

July 13, 1999: Barney's engaged in teen premarital gay sex. What are you gonna do about it?

July 16, 1999: I think I may be an (anti) superhero....

July 22, 1999: He's dead. Get over it.

July 30, 1999: At least I'm not alone in my dreams...

August 13, 1999: " the Flinstones. They're a modern Kansas family..."

September 15, 1999: I'm baaaaack.....

October 3, 1999: Cryin' in my cups...and a Divine threat.

October 12, 2000: The Joys of Creativity and Other People

October 13, 2000: Taking a Pickaxe to my Mind...