This here is a list of links and such that I find useful, informative and amusing, in no particular order.

For those who like to know how stuff works, here's Very useful and informative site.

Check out my former roommate Tedward's net biz Bearclaw Manufacturing, THE place for your fire-dancing needs.

Here's another one: Netmouse a.k.a. Anne K. Gay, longtime friend.

This is one of the funniest sites I've ever run across. Check out The Onion. America's Finest News Source.

Another funny site...The Brunching Shuttlecocks.

Okay, this site is funny as hell to any comics fan or gamer. Check out Lee's (Useless) Hero Generator.

For those interested in the paranormal and pseudoscience, I present the Skeptic's Dictionary. A fascinating site with links and essays and definitions to, on and of a broad range of fringe topics. Warning: Not for the true believer. Extremely ANTI-paranormal. But interesting, nonetheless.

Conversely, for those of a slightly paranormal bent, or for those Wiccans and Pagans out there, there's The Witches Voice. An extensive and informative site for those with magickal minds and such.

There's also Raven's Flight, a local magick shoppe. Good supplies, nice people.

The first intro I ever had into what would become the Internet was found here at Arbornet, home of M-Net the first public BBS board.

Funny Online Comic Strips that I love:
Sluggy Freelance

Bruno The Bandit