Hallowe'en 2001

Well, children of the night...we finally managed to go out and actually do something for Hallowe'en. Below are pictures from Alex Cook's excellent party and Aimee and I letting our hair down and wearing our true faces...

...Just kidding. It's foam latex.

Do I like vanilla or chocolate? Aimee and I chillin' at Alex's with our game faces. I think I look either mysteriously introspective or bored. Aimee is sticking her tongue out, I think, because, y'know...vamps are so wacky and playful.
Here Tom auditions for the role of Renfield. In the background you can see Tony C. trying to impress a real live girl with Silver Age comics trivia. Look at the monkey!
Hey!  The beer kicked in! And here we are cheesin' it up big time. Well, I am. Aimee's starting to get that "Let me take these effin' fangs out, already!" look.
And finally, Andrew Moses as the world's first monochrome cenobite showin' he's "hip" to the younger crowd. I'm 'getting jiggy with it.'  Yo.

And there you have it. Lemme tell ya somethin'...Fixodent tastes like ASS and not even beer can make it taste any better. On the other hand, the spirit gum wasn't as irritating as it has been in the past and Aimee's face rocked, even if mine did not so much.

Next year...Big ass party at my place, I swear!! Damn it!!