My friends and loved ones....(click on pictures to see larger versions)

Pal, drinkin' buddy, and all around great guy: Tony "I'm Not a Made Man...Yet" Caroselli!

One of the many writers I know, he is currently working on way to many projects for even he to keep track of. Some of his writing can be found (coming soon) at Marty and GrooveChicken.Com

Sean Kozma.

Writer and Sean lives in Hollywood and complains about parking alot.

And here is Tom (Perfect Tommy) Fulton.

Also an actor, he is inhibited in his thespian pursuits only by his vow of silence. We suspect he's either working for some government intelligence agency or is a Shaolin Monk.

And here's Tedward LeCouteur.

Owner and proprietor of successful web-based fire-dancing supply business Bearclaw Manufacturing (found on the Links page).

Anne K. G. Murphy (nee Gay)

Emily K.S. "Elf" Stuckey.

One of my oldest and dearest of friends.

But just in case you thought that just because she looks all cute and sweet and, you know...cute and stuff that she was a pushover, this picture puts the lie to that. Heart and soul of a rabid badger in that girl, I swear. Wasn't even time for the bouquet toss, I'm told...she was just eliminating competition early. Em is the one on the right, the one viciously lunging at the poor defending other bridesmaid.

Jenny Page

Jenny is another long-time friend, and a teacher in Maryland.