First and foremost my beautiful wife, Aimee.

My beautiful bride Here's a picture of my wondrous and beautiful bride, Aimee. (this picture courtesy of David Rozian.) You can see another collection of pictures of our wedding here. And stay tuned for our other site with all the pics coming soon.

My Li'l Buddy And here is my li'l bro Dustin.

He's my bro and I love him. He's 13 years old and his hobbies, at last report, included Pokemon (though not so much as before), roller blading, and Harry Potter. Soon the boy will be in high school just to make me feel old.

Grandma And this is my grandmother, Harriet. She lives in Gaylord, Michigan and I live in Los Angeles, California, so we don't get to see each other as often as I might like, but I'm thinking of you Grandma and I love you.

I understand that Grandma now has a cat, too, which is nice. I should get a picture of it for this here site. Again, Grandma...I'm thinking of you and I love you.

Surly?  Who you callin' surly? This is our eldest "son", Elliot. Part Maine Coon, part Siamese, all bad mother-(watch yo' mouth!). The coolest cat in the world.

Favorite way to express affection: Tearing your arm off.
CRAZY Dog! This is Oliver William Conat, a.k.a. Ollie, Olifisaurus Rex, Ollificus of Sparta and DAMN YOU DOG! Click the pic to see what he's snarling at. And here is a picture of him as a puppy.