Thoughts on Witchcraft 2


Precepts to work with:

Deity and manifestations thereof are viable. They are concentrations of the quantum field created by the continued belief and perception of their worshippers. Their appearance and influence strengthens our belief and in turn reaffirms their own existence. Symbiosis.

Magic is viable. Through sufficient concentration and belief, it is possible to collapse the waveform in increasingly improbable, but not impossible ways.

Advancement in magic becomes easier as you accomplish more. "Proof", even subjective and anecdotal, fosters further belief. "I did it once, I can do it again."

Be careful to examine your belief for undue justification. You may have got that apartment/job/car/sexual encounter anyway. Nonetheless, also be open to the possibility that your magic worked. You will know the difference.

"Karma" is the tendency of all things to balance. The reason for the Law of Three is to compensate not only for your intentionís affect, but the energy you put into the system. Energy does not tend to spontaneously transmute into other forms of energy, thus explaining why bad=bad cubed and good=good cubed. Must explore implications of "karma bank" belief. Bad things that happen to you balanced by good further down the line and vice versa. Viable?

Practice believing the improbable. The more you can do it, the easier it gets. Caveat: Do not always believe the improbable. That way lies insanity and poor social graces. It makes you look like an idiot. Per Witchvox Article: "It helps if you can, as Lewis Carroll put it, believe 6 impossible things before breakfast. It's even better if you can believe 6 impossible, internally consistent but contradictory things at the same time (preferably before breakfast). If you don't end up schizophrenic it's handy magical training since you won't have any trouble believing one simple spell will work"

"As above, so below" expression of fractal nature of reality. Self repeating and duplicating patterns on various scales. The rock resembles the mountain in miniature.

Possible to visualize radical change in self and adjust waveform accordingly? Explore.

List of tools needed: Athame

White-handled knife


White Candles

Green Candles

Red Candles

Censer (sp?)


Candle holders


Altar-Cloth (?)

Study herbs.